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Welcome to the Restaurant "Un Piano nel Cielo"

Vi Aspettiamo con l'apertura del ristorante dal 5 Aprile 2017.

 Un Piano nel Cielo re-opens on 5nd April .Treat yourself to a magic gourmet experience. 


Find wellbeing in the HARMONY of mind and soul...
Rediscover the essentials of life awaken your SENSES...
Taste the weightlessness of clouds in the wonder of LIGHT...

Find the ancient flavours in the harmony of the taste and sight...

Awake your Senses...

Un Piano nel Cielo is a romantic and elegant restaurant, located in an enchanting position, between Positano and Amalfi in Praiano .

The restaurant is the result of the best mediterranean traditional cuisine enriched with the perfumes and flavours of the Amalfi Coast.

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Un Piano nel Cielo is the ideal place if you wish to celebrate your wedding,the most important day of your life,in a sophisticated setting, surrounded...

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