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Our Chef Vincenzo Vanacore born in the home country of the Italian gastronomy Vico Equense , land of lots of famous chef awarded with one or more Michelin stars, since three years is in charge of the kitchen at Un Piano nel Cielo.

Vincenzo Vanacore grow up working with big names of the Italian gastronomy, either in Campania and Milan. He worked also in Japan where he improves technique and preparation of the japanese cuisine

From this experience it comes out what is today the top recipes of this Chef, that concerns curiosity and appeal to guests and gastronomy in general, the Neapolitan style Sushi.

Dish prepared with raw materials, poor and territorial, spaghetti, olive oil, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes and others worked ingredients and blended together with the Sushi tecnique giving lives to one of the most tasty, colorful, savoury and unique dish of our Un Piano nel Cielo menu.

The Chef Vincenzo V. prefers a simple kitchen, very clear in the pairing of the ingredients, not stressfull cooking, just performs and customize what our tradition has already performed, without changing the idendity of the ingredients chosen.

Our Team at the Un Piano nel Cielo Restaurant, has also a proposal for all our guests, called CHEF FOR YOU, booking in advance our Chef will make the traditional recipes that you have heard about , that normally you can only taste in the origin country.

The Chef's desserts  are the best end of Your moment in our Restaurant and bring to an end all the emotion and sensation you've had during your lunch or dinner without forgetting what preceded them.


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